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Price Predictions

My comprehensive playlist outlining gold and silver price predictions.

2013 Gold and Silver Price Forecast By:

Eric Sprott – Founder of Sprott Asset Management, the Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) and the Physical Gold Trust

Jim Rogers – American Businessman, Investor & Author, co-founder of the Quantum Fund

Mike Maloney – Author of the #1 best selling book on gold and silver, CEO/Founder of GoldSilver.com

George Soros – Hungarian-American Investor, Philanthropist and chairman of Soros Fund Management

Peter Schiff – American Investment Broker, Author & CEO of SchiffGold

Robert Kiyosaki – American investor, businessman, motivational speaker, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

David Morgan – Author of the Morgan Report and owner of Silver-Investor.com

Gerald Celente – Owner of the Trends Research Institute and author of the Trends Journal

Marc Faber – Swiss investor, investment fund adviser and publisher of the Gloom Doom and Boom Report

Warren Buffet – Considered the most successful investor of the 21st century, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

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