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Silver Price Fixing Scandal: HSBC, Deutsche Bank Lawsuit

ryanpomy July 28, 2014
Speculation surround gold and silver price fixing has been circulating for some years now. A recent development in this theory is a lawsuit being filed in the United States accusing HSBC and Deutsche Bank of manipulating the prices of silver. Plaintiff Scott Nicholson, an investor from the northwestern US state of Washington, said the three banks had… Continue Reading »

Mark Faber: The State of Emerging Economies and Gold Prices

kat March 11, 2014
Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report provides a historical overview, current analysis and future predictions throughout an in-depth interview for Sprott Global, Resource Investments Ltd.Mr. Faber suggests that several emerging economies, or countries that have various characteristics of a developed economy without its involvement in a developed market, may submerge in… Continue Reading »

A Comprehensive Overview of HSBC’s Gold Analysis Report

kat March 8, 2014
    HSBC holdings, the British multinational banking and financial services company recently released its Gold Analysis Report. Within this report, the company provides a current examination of key drivers for gold and ETF outflow activity, along with a variety of future price projections. Increasing demand for Gold by the Chinese has enabled the county… Continue Reading »

Gold: On the Uprise Once Again

kat March 8, 2014
    By overcoming recent setbacks, Gold is once again displaying uprising tendencies as it continues to prove its tenacity and resilience. On Monday, the precious metal reached its 2014 high of $1354. The resolution of various emerging conflicts and subsiding tensions in Ukraine prompted a significant reduction in the demand for safe havens on… Continue Reading »

Current Price Standings, Safe Havens, and AMCU

kat March 8, 2014
    Current Standing – Silver = ↑ 0.3% (at $2,120 an ounce)- Palladium = ↑ 17% (at $771 an ounce following an 11-month high of $779.50)- Gold Futures (for April delivery) = ↑ 0.1% (at $1,338)- U.S. private employers = ↑ 139,000 jobs in February (below economists’ projection of an 160,000 increase)   Friday’s… Continue Reading »

Current Gold & Silver Price Analysis

kat March 6, 2014
The United States Commodities Exchange (Comex) gold futures is currently up 0.62% this week. The Comex ended at $1,331.20, following an overall increase of three percent and seven percent in January and February, respectively. In contrast, the Dollar Index has remained unchanged, despite a modest rise of 0.31% throughout the month of January. Likewise, the… Continue Reading »

Gold Update: COMEX, IMF, and China

kat March 2, 2014
The United States Commodities Exchange (Comex) gold futures recently experienced significant falling prices, down approximately 0.81% following monday’s national holiday (i.e. its largest daily decline since December). This decline comes as a surprise, as investors previously witnessed four consecutive weeks of price increases. The gold futures significantly outperformed the S&P 500 Index (-0.18%), the Euro… Continue Reading »

Gold & Silver Prices Rally Against Consensus

ryanpomy February 14, 2014
The consensus is still fairly negative regarding precious metals prices in the mainstream. The past few months have been brutal as the Federal Reserve began tapering back on its quantitative easing programs. The market is anticipating further tapering and considerable economic growth, which is why the prices of gold and silver have been so weak… Continue Reading »

Gold & Interest Rates Are Highly Correlated

kat January 25, 2014
Based on the historic relationship between gold and interest rates, analysts have concluded that fluctuations in the 10 year Treasury yield are useful for predicting gold’s next moves. As a result, it has been recently determined that if the 10-year Treasury yield rises to 5%, gold will fall to $471 an ounce. Assuming that the past is… Continue Reading »

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