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Economist Predicts Global Recession In 2015

Admin September 16, 2014
David Levy’s family has been accurately analyzing the economy since 1949 with the Levy Forecast. He called the housing bubble and explained how the damage would push the country into a recession so severe that the Federal Reserve would have no choice but to slash short-term borrowing rates to stimulate the economy. After being spot on… Continue Reading »

Stock Market Crash – Imminent or Unlikely? 2015 Outlook

Admin September 12, 2014
There has been much discussion in both the mainstream and alternative media in recent months about a coming stock market crash. The S&P 500 has recently surpassed its pre-recession highs and is leaving investors increasingly uncertain about what the future holds. The question remains, could a stock market crash happen any day now or is… Continue Reading »

Federal Reserve Assets vs. Gold Price Historical Correlation

Admin September 8, 2014
The price of gold has historically been positively correlated with the expansion of Federal Reserve Assets. The growth of the Fed’s balance sheet over the years continuously was met by increased gold prices, until September 2012 when this relationship was broken. Since September 2012, the price of gold has been on a crash course while… Continue Reading »

Gold & Silver Price Analysis: Bullish vs. Bearish Perspectives

Admin August 25, 2014
Gold and silver have been caught in a relentless downtrend ever since hitting an all time high of $1,900 in late 2011. After a steep correction, gold has established a strong base at $1,200 in May 2012. Since then, gold has been consolidating sideways for over a year in a tight range between $1,200 and $1,400. This… Continue Reading »

Marc Faber – Social Media Stocks Are Overvalued & In Bubble Phase

Admin August 16, 2014
Many investors have speculated that the technology industry has been in a bubble recently due to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary policy initiative of low interest rates and monetary expansion. Marc Faber who publishes The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report highlighted in a recent interview that social media and biotech stocks are in the midst of a… Continue Reading »

Silver Price Fixing Scandal: HSBC, Deutsche Bank Lawsuit

Admin July 28, 2014
Speculation surround gold and silver price fixing has been circulating for some years now. A recent development in this theory is a lawsuit being filed in the United States accusing HSBC and Deutsche Bank of manipulating the prices of silver. Plaintiff Scott Nicholson, an investor from the northwestern US state of Washington, said the three banks had… Continue Reading »

Mark Faber: The State of Emerging Economies and Gold Prices

kat March 11, 2014
Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report provides a historical overview, current analysis and future predictions throughout an in-depth interview for Sprott Global, Resource Investments Ltd.Mr. Faber suggests that several emerging economies, or countries that have various characteristics of a developed economy without its involvement in a developed market, may submerge in… Continue Reading »

A Comprehensive Overview of HSBC’s Gold Analysis Report

kat March 8, 2014
    HSBC holdings, the British multinational banking and financial services company recently released its Gold Analysis Report. Within this report, the company provides a current examination of key drivers for gold and ETF outflow activity, along with a variety of future price projections. Increasing demand for Gold by the Chinese has enabled the county… Continue Reading »

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